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Internships and Academics: Ariana Perez PC'21

"UCLA isn’t a walk in the park, but having the support of my chapter behind me and an incredible alumna network has helped me overcome obstacles and succeed."


I’m Ariana Perez, a senior studying Economics and History. I’m from Whittier, CA, and I love surfing, skiing, line dancing, and, most importantly, being in ADPi!

I spent the summer in Westwood, going out with my friends, going to the beach, and, most importantly, interning!! I’m in the last week of my internship with FGS Global, a financial communications firm. All summer, I’ve worked with industry leaders, consulting on crisis situations and advising Fortune 500 companies. I got to connect with other interns from across the country and develop as a leader in a professional capacity! I was extremely fortunate to connect with strong, successful women at the firm who mentored me throughout the internship and reminded me of the core tenant of ADPi, sisterhood.

As the world's oldest secret society for college women, ADPi has a massive network of alumna willing to connect with younger members and help guide them to get started on their professional careers. Our events, like the Alumni Career Night, Alumni Mentor Program, Senior Showcase, and Straight-A-Getaway, are only some of our unique events! UCLA isn’t a walk in the park, but having the support of my chapter behind me and an incredible alumna network has helped me overcome obstacles and succeed. From late nights writing last-minute essays with my little to struggling over coding for Econ to taking a dance class just because a sister recommended it, being in ADPi has given me a fantastic gift I will never forget.

Growing up, the last thing I expected to do in college was join a sorority. But the idea of sisterhood that would last through college and for the rest of my life is what got me to go through formal recruitment. When I was younger, I was the youngest girl in my Girl Scout troop. I loved having older girls who looked out for me, helped me with school, gave me advice, and always made me laugh. I went through recruitment, looking for a community of sisters, strong women who could help me grow and inspire me to reach new heights. I was looking for a support group of intelligent women who could help me navigate the complexity of UCLA academics. And I already knew where I belonged on the second day of recruitment. I knew that home for me was at Alpha Delta Pi.

As I go into my senior year, I can’t wait to make many new memories and make the most of my time. I can’t wait to laugh with my friends again in the kitchen, live in the house with four of my closest friends, go to basketball games, make meals for RMHC, and all the little and big things that make a sisterhood a true sisterhood. While I won’t be back until the winter (I’ll be in DC for an AMAZING internship!!) I can’t wait to be back home smiling and laughing with my favorite people and meet the new class of 2023!!

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