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My Why Adpi: Olivia Lam PC'19

"ADPi does not turn away from differences, we embrace them. ADPi accepts and supports you because of you."

Hi PNMs! My name is Olivia and I am a second-year undeclared social sciences major from Orange County, Ca. My parents are first generation college graduates who were not involved in greek life so my recruitment experience was completely new to me and I did not know what to expect. If anything, I had both positive and negative expectations about greek life. I was more than a little intimidated about joining a chapter especially when it seemed that everyone around me was so confident, not only about rushing, but the specific chapter that they wanted.

That all changed when I met my Rho Gamma, Peri. As a Rho Gamma, Peri’s job was to help and advise PNMs through recruitment week. We hit it off instantly and quickly grew close through our shared experiences and activities like high school cheerleading and overusing certain words like “yeet.” At the end of recruitment PNMs guess which chapter their Rho Gamma belongs to. I remember thinking about my week, the sisters that I connected with, and the moments that stayed with me. My guess (and hope) was Adpi because of Peri’s genuine kindness and honesty. I said, “I think you’re in ADPi, because I really like you. And I’ve felt the same way all week when I talk to ADPi girls.” I was right. From there, I was lucky enough to meet Quincie, my wonderful big, in round one of recruitment. Talking to her throughout the week was so organic as we bonded over “The Office” and the fact that candidly, we were both very tired from talking to people all day.

It has been almost a year now and what I love most about ADPi is the unexpected friendships and support you gain from belonging to this chapter. During winter quarter I joined a campus dance club called Foundations Choreography. I auditioned by myself and didn’t know anyone in the club or eventually, my team. But with ADPi, you are never really alone. It wasn’t until my ADPi sister Maddie texted me saying she was also on the same team as me that I felt more secure and comfortable doing something new on campus. Maddie is now one of my best friends and a constant source of support for me as I hope I am for her. Yes, we should all be brave, independent and conquer the world, but sometimes it’s just nice to have someone to walk to practice with. <3

Not everyone will have the experience I had with greek life or ADPi. A lot of times things don’t fall into place until later or never do. What I would ask is that you put away your preconceived notions of greek life when you go through recruitment. Some are false. Some are definitely real. Just try to stay in the moment, let it wash over you, and relax. Be yourself. Trust. The. Process.

I hope you all find homes in the fall even if it’s not ADPi. I can only say that I am so grateful for ADPi giving me the friendships, mentors and experiences I know I will cherish for a lifetime. ADPi does not turn away from differences, we embrace them. ADPi accepts and supports you because of you. Congratulations on becoming baby bruins!! We are so incredibly excited to meet you all.

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