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Why Adpi: Brooke Sagun PC'18

"During Recruitment, walking into ADPi every day through the pastel blue doors, I had genuine conversations with women who all made me feel immediately at home."

Hi, PNMS! My name is Brooke Sagun and I am a senior majoring in Communications who ran home to ADPi Fall 2018, my freshman year! For as long as I could remember, I was so excited about Greek life and joining a sorority since both my mom and grandma found their lifelong friends through Greek life. I was especially eager to join Greek Life because I hoped to find a smaller community within the seemingly overwhelming student body of 40,000 students and not knowing anyone from my high school attending UCLA. Also, growing up as an identical twin, I had been used to always having my sister by my side. Going to different colleges than my sister, I was looking for other women that would hopefully become like sisters!

Why ADPi? During Recruitment, walking into ADPi every day through the pastel blue doors, I had genuine conversations with women who all made me feel immediately at home. I met Kylie during recruitment who introduced me to her BIG, Marissa, the president of ADPi at the time. Marissa and I immediately clicked after finding out we both shared a commonality of having twin sisters. My conversations with Kylie stuck with me throughout the entire recruitment process and were a huge factor in why I wanted to go ADPi.

During Big Little Reveal I was so excited to discover that Kylie was my BIG and I joined the Cheetah Family with Kylie, Marissa, and Kaitlyn. During my first year at UCLA, these three women became like older sisters to me, guiding me through college with the best advice. This past recruitment, I was so excited to meet my Little, Emma, during recruitment. Who knew I’d find someone who was so similar to me and also from my same hometown.

During my time in ADPi, I’ve enjoyed taking on leadership roles including Digital Marketing Specialist (Social Media Chair), Public Relations Director, and Junior Panhellenic Director! I even had the opportunity to attend Officer Academy in Chicago where I learned best practices for Marketing and connected with so many ADPIs!

Living in the house in the 23 girl room was definitely the highlight of my college journey, living with my best friends and sorority family. Every Wednesday night, my sorority family had “family dinners,” where we enjoyed a meal from Chef Emma while chatting about everyone's week! From binging Teen Wolf in the TV room, eating way too many of Chef Emma’s chocolate chip cookies, brunch every Friday, study sessions in the house library, and making TikToks, 808 Hilgard holds so many amazing memories.

ADPi’s have become the women I go to for advice, watch UCLA Basketball games with, study in Powell Library with, eat pizookies with, buy too many Alfred drinks with, enjoy picnics on Janss, walk to class with, hike the Hollywood sign with, road trip with, brunch with, and everything in between. ADPIs are my roommates, shout out to Eva, Quince, Kelsey, and soon-to-be roomie, Ava! So to answer Why ADPi now, I would say that ADPis are my best friends and there’s no one else I’d rather spend my college years with!

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