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Alpha Delta Pi, originally known as the Adelphean Society, is the first secret society founded for women in the world. Founded on May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Georgia, Alpha Delta Pi paved the way for women in the fraternity system. 

Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald, our founder, was only sixteen years old when she began at Wesleyan College. Eugenia and her five closest friends founded the Adelphean Society. Even at a young age, and at a time in society in which females did not usually attend college, Eugenia recognized the importance and power of an education, growth, and personal improvement-- all ideals that current members strive to pursue.

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First established at UCLA in 1925, the Alpha Chi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi is now a broad, flourishing house that is filled with intelligent, hardworking, and compassionate women. Our chapter is home to women of all majors, interests, and passions, and life as an Adpi is filled with never ending experiences. Whether this be getting ready for our Diamond Ball formal with your best friends, taking a trip to the beach, or going on hikes over the weekends, being a member of Alpha Delta Pi is to be a part of something remarkable--deep, true friendships, life lessons, and unwavering support.  

Did You Know...

our symbol: the four-pointed diamond

✰ the four points of the diamond symbolize strengthening character and personality, watching attitudes toward fellow beings, recognizing the value of high educational standards, and developing faith and loyalty

our motto: "Be the First"

✰ just as adpi was the first female fraternity, our members strive to "be the first" in all aspects of their life

our open motto: "We Live for Each Other"

our colors: azure blue and white

✰ blue symbolizes friendship, much of the basis of adpi

✰ white symbolizes sincerity and truth

our flower: woodland violet

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