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a letter from the Recruitment Team

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Isabella Acosta
Director of Primary Recruitment

Alpha Chi Chapter | ADPi


Hi, I’m Bella, Alpha Delta Pi’s Director of Primary Recruitment! I quickly knew Adpi was the house for me during recruitment because the conversations I had were genuine and easygoing, and the members I talked to encouraged me to be myself. These initial feelings about ADPi have never wavered, and I fall more in love with the chapter the deeper I dive into it. 


To me, what sets ADPi apart from other chapters is the character of our members. The women in this chapter have become some of my biggest supporters, role models, and dearest friends during my time at UCLA. They are incredibly involved in organizations all over campus, study everything from the sciences to the arts, and we hold the highest chapter GPA (an average 3.91 for spring quarter!). Members are extremely supportive, and serve as the best people to turn to for advice and deep chats. They are empowered, unique, and fiercely loyal--there is no bond like that of ADPis! The memories and relationships you will form as a member of ADPi are lifelong, and we welcome potential new members who will contribute to the love, integrity, laughter, and light that is felt so strongly in this house.


While recruitment may seem daunting, don't be afraid to relax and be the most authentic version of yourself - we want to know the real, wonderful you! UCLA is a place where you will make the best memories and meet some of your favorite people, and Greek Life is an amazing part of this experience. There are 13 wonderful chapters on campus, and you will find amazing women in each house. It is my hope that you find the same love, growth, and community in a chapter as I have found in ADPi. We are so excited to see you in the fall and cannot wait for the impact you will make on our house.



Alessia Renna
Vice President of Marketing

Alpha Chi Chapter | ADPi


Hi, I’m Alessia, Alpha Delta Pi’s Vice President of Marketing! I always felt that I was meant to be in ADPi and could not imagine it any other way! I am so thankful to be a part of this special sisterhood and I know that the women that I have met in this chapter will be my lifelong friends. 

Looking back, ADPi was my home before I even knew it. I met my big in Hawaii a month before recruitment, my NSA during orientation was an ADPi, and my Rho Gamma during recruitment revealed herself to also be a member of ADPi! This chapter has not only given me some of my best friends, but also an environment where I can have fun and be myself. For me, the most important quality that a chapter can have is genuineness, and I am so lucky that I found girls who both support and encourage me. Additionally, ADPi has given me the opportunity to learn and grow as a person, not only because of the wonderful and strong bonds I have made with my sisters, but also through all of the leadership opportunities this chapter has given me.

The great thing about recruitment and Greek life in general is that, even though in the end you are placed into a single house, you still get to meet so many amazing people along the way and are able to make connections with so many bright and unique individuals across the row! I wish you all the best of luck during recruitment; I know each and every one of you will find a home where you can experience the same overwhelming feeling of happiness that I do when I walk through the front door! Remember to keep positive and roll with the punches; We can’t wait to meet you all!

For Recommendations:

Alumni, use your username and password to login to alphadeltapi.org. Click the "Alumnae" tab at the middle of the page. Then, under the "Recommend a Potential New Member" tab, click on the "Potential Member Recommendation Form" link. 

otherwise, please direct recommendations to adpibruins.formalrecruitment@gmail.com

why adpi?

Adpi has brought so much sunshine & purpose into my life. My sisters push me everyday to be my best self, and on days I can’t, they’re always there for me to lean on. I can’t imagine my college experience thus far without the support & love I have received from this chapter.

— Olivia