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a letter from the Recruitment Team



Lauren Reed
Director of Primary Recruitment

Alpha Chi Chapter | ADPi

Hello! My name is Lauren Reed and I am the Director of Primary Recruitment for Alpha Delta Pi. I joined ADPi in the Fall of 2021 and found the community I had wished for the entire summer prior! I knew that I wanted to join a sorority my senior year of high school during Covid-19 and an intense case of senioritis hit. I spent more time watching college videos on youtube than my calculus homework; and what I found was that college is scary and intense because it’s new and unknown. The best part about joining a sorority is finding an amazing sisterhood and community within the first month of college.

I can say without a doubt ADPi is my college lifeline. Through ADPi I have met lifelong friends that have supported me at my lowest and highest moments. These women have pushed me to be a better friend, leader, student, and overall person. Being an out-of-state student, leaving behind family and friends was the strangest experience. I knew that it was time to embrace my independence, but it also terrified me. Having women who had more college experience to help guide me in the direction of fulfilling my goals was such a relief. Through ADPi I was accepted into my minor, I joined my dream research club, and  I was pushed to be the best, most authentic version of myself. I love being able to walk into the HOP and find my best friends relaxing in the TV room watching movies from rom-coms to thrillers. I love heading upstairs to find the bathrooms blasting with music as everyone gets ready for date parties and other events. I love running down to Trader Joe’s and Target with my friends on the weekend to cook our favorite meals. The most mundane activities become the adventure of a lifetime when you spend it with your best friends.  

I am eternally grateful for every single woman in ADPi. They are my home away from home, my family, my best friends, my mentors, my mentees, and my biggest supporters. 

I hope that each of you going through recruitment finds the sisterhood and home best for you! I can’t wait to meet all of you in the fall!



Ahna Muhlon

Vice President of Marketing

Alpha Chi Chapter | ADPi

Hi! I’m Ahna, Alpha Delta Pi’s Vice President of Marketing. Coming all the way from the East Coast, UCLA was a huge new chapter in my life in which I didn’t know anyone. After recruitment, ADPi quickly became my favorite place on campus, filled with genuine and impressive women who inspire me daily. Since I came home to the chapter, I have been shown unwavering love and support, making it easy to be an ADPi.

ADPi is such a special place. No matter your relationship, each and every ADPi is willing to drop whatever they are doing to help a sister in need. I remember my first time at the HOP as a member and how nervous I was. Walking into the dining room, girls I had never met before instantly welcomed me and invited me to sit with them. One girl even walked me all the way back to my dorm on the Hill. The fact that people who had known me for an hour could go out of their way to show me such kindness was amazing. I knew from that point forward that ADPi was filled with such selfless and remarkable people, and each person I meet continues to match this description. ADPis are the easiest to turn to for advice, support, and comfort. They are fiercely loyal, incredibly fun, and super involved on campus—it is an honor to represent them. ADPi bonds are for life, and we welcome potential new members who will contribute to the love, integrity, laughter, and light that is felt so strongly in this house.

While Recruitment can seem like a scary and difficult process, don’t be afraid to be yourself. We want to know the real and authentic you! I’m so thankful for the life ADPi has given me at UCLA—it has brought me my closest friends and confidants, cherished memories, new life experiences, and incredible opportunities and connections. I fall more in love with the chapter each day, and it is my hope that you too find your home amongst the 13 wonderful chapters on campus. We are so excited to see you in the fall, and we wish everyone the best of luck. :)

For Recommendations:

Alumni, use your username and password to login to

Click the "Alumnae" tab at the middle of the page.

Then, under the "Recommend a Potential New Member" tab, click on the "Potential Member Recommendation Form" link. 

Otherwise, please direct recommendations to

why adpi?

I wish every girl going through recruitment the best of luck and encourage you to go ADPi! I have found a home-away-from home through my sorority that I absolutely treasure, and I am surrounded by a community of uplifting and empowering women. I know it may be a stressful process, but take it day by day and learn to enjoy meeting some fellow Bruins. We can’t wait to meet you!

— Madenn

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