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Alpha Delta Pi (AX) Statement of Acknowledgement 

The Alpha Chi chapter of Alpha Delta Pi takes pride in our organization’s legacy as the very first secret society for women in the world and our core values of integrity, loyalty, honesty, and friendship. However, we cannot continue to praise the parts of our history that inspire and empower our members without acknowledging the harmful and discriminatory practices of our past. An in-depth exploration of Alpha Delta Pi’s past reveals the implementation of policies such as a strict alumnae recommendation requirement, denial of admittance on the explicit basis of race, creed, and religion, and constitutional exclusion of non-white, non-Christian members. While these practices have since been adjusted to reflect the anti-racist, anti-discriminatory policies we enforce today, it is important to recognize their impact on our chapter’s history. In confronting these pieces of our history that perpetuated racism and prejudice, we hope to reconcile our past with our present and purposefully move forward with the intention of dismantling the long-lasting effects of these systemic issues in order to live out our motto, “We Live for Each Other.” 


As part of Alpha Delta Pi’s efforts to address the faults in our history, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee was established in 2019 in order to “ensure a multi-level and multi-faceted approach in addressing the needs of all organization members and integrating inclusive practices into Alpha Delta Pi.” The Alpha Chi chapter has also taken individual steps to show that we are not only inclusive of members from all beliefs and walks of life, but simultaneously find value in all identities and recognize their contribution to the betterment of our sisterhood. In 2020, we elected a Director of Inclusion to spearhead our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and our efforts currently include running a book club, hosting “Empowerment Hour” presentations about various DEI topics, planning educational programs, and engaging in discussions about diversity and inclusion within our chapter. These conversations are difficult and uncomfortable, but they are also necessary. Our chapter is committed to fostering an environment of open-mindedness and support among our members.


To learn more about the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of Alpha Delta Pi, please visit this webpage. To read the full article addressing our organization’s history of exclusionary practices and where we intend to go from here, please read the Summer 2020 issue of the Adelphean, Alpha Delta Pi’s quarterly magazine. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Alpha Chi chapter’s diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and practices, please contact our Vice President of Member Development at

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