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Why Adpi: Jenny Buckley PC'21

"Every day with ADPi, I am surrounded by the most inspiring women who challenge me to be my best, most authentic self."

Hey, everyone! :)

My name is Jenny, and I am a rising 2nd year Public Affairs major from Seattle, Washington.

My story is a bit unique because Greek Life was never in my original plan. I graduated from a very small school - there were sixty people in my high school class. Needless to say, I experienced Big School Culture Shock when I arrived at UCLA, and I was in desperate need of a smaller community.

It wasn’t until I met Josie Galvin in a very quirky Fiat Lux class (shout-out to you, girl <3) that I considered going through recruitment. She told me about her experience with Alpha Delta Pi and all the memories she’d made, and, though I was nervous, she encouraged me to take the leap and do Continuous Open Recruitment.

My very first time at the HOP was for my coffee chat with two current members, and I’ll never forget how quickly our little group expanded. Members who were passing through the house began joining our conversation until, by the end, I had met and chatted with six amazing ADPi girls. This is exemplary of what it’s like to be in ADPi: everyone is super welcoming and excited to get to know you. My coffee chat experience, along with the countless other wonderful ADPi members I met along the way, made me crazy happy to accept my bid.

ADPi has been the biggest blessing in my freshman year, and my decision to do COR changed my college experience (and my life, if we want to be dramatic) for the better. I met some of my closest friends last quarter, and I have already made so many unforgettable memories. One of my favorite memories from my time as a new member was playing a game of Mafia with my Pledge Class, led by the incredible DNME, Jackie Lim. The alliances, the accusations, and, most importantly, the laughs made me feel that I had truly found my community.

Every day with ADPi, I am surrounded by the most inspiring women who challenge me to be my best, most authentic self. My ADPi friends are my adventure buddies, my personal comedians, and my support system. From being in the live studio audience at American Idol to making s’mores on the beach at sunset, ADPi is guaranteed to give you new experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. I have found that the people are what make the experiences truly meaningful, and boy is ADPi filled with awesome people! I am incredibly grateful to be a part of such a loving, vibrant sisterhood.

If I could give any advice to a PNM, I would say “DO IT!” Be brave, take the risk, and go ADPi!

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