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Why ADPi: The Alumni Edition

Hear from some of our amazing alumnae about how ADPi is a lifelong organization, what it means to them, and more!

"ADPi has given me so much starting with my Bid Day and everyday since! While in school it gave me leadership experience and confidence in my leadership skills from the officer positions I held. The leadership skills I learned during my officer roles created the strong foundation for my skills in the work force. Even as an Alumna member, ADPi continues to give me the opportunity to refine and develop my leadership skills by volunteering with the local chapters and the Alumnae Association. ADPi brought me my lifelong sisters and friends. I was bridesmaid in both my big's and my little's wedding and they were both bridesmaids in my wedding. Even past college I have met sisters from different chapters and have built amazing friendship with those women as well! I couldn't imagine where my life would be without my ADPi experience and I can't wait for you to grow within ADPi." -Ann Marie

Hear from Victoria: "After graduating I moved abroad to Hong Kong where I knew no one until one day I met some fellow sisters. It turns out two UCLA's ADPi alumnae also just moved to Hong Kong and we connected right away. It's been five years since and I am so thankful for ADPi's sisterhood bringing us together. "

"I am still friends with my ADPi sisters who now live all over the globe doing exciting work and making an impact in so many people's lives. We rely on each other for connections and support personally and professionally. I'm so glad I have this incredible network from my time in ADPi." -Justine

Membership in Alpha Delta Pi is not just 4 years long, it is a lifetime! Wherever you end up, there will always be the ties to this sisterhood in jobs, different states, and just about anywhere you look!

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