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Why Adpi: Cailin Semro PC '21

"After joining ADPi, I felt like I belonged. I was able to connect with each member I spoke to, even though we all had varying interests and life experiences."


I’m Cailin Semro, and I will be a second year majoring in Political Science and minoring in Global Studies. I am from Scottsdale, Arizona. I went to a very small high school and was excited to move somewhere where I knew absolutely no one. At the same time, I was incredibly nervous. Alpha Delta Pi soothed my nerves and was where I found my first college friends.

Ever since my freshman year of high school, I knew I wanted to join a sorority because I wanted a close-knit group of friends who were motivated and intelligent. I wanted to have friends that would last a lifetime. At times, I worried those hopes would not be reality.

However, after my first two days of recruitment, I could see those dreams coming true at ADPi. When speaking with the women in ADPi, I was not worried about saying the “right” thing or coming off a specific way. Instead, I felt comfortable being myself around them because they only cared about getting to know the true me. I could see how close, passionate, and unique all the women in ADPi were, and I wanted to be a part of that.

After joining ADPi, I felt like I belonged. I was able to connect with each member I spoke to, even though we all had varying interests and life experiences. Whenever I sat down at chapter dinner on Monday night, I would make a new friend—I actually met my best friend, Kayla, at chapter dinner and we have been inseparable ever since.

I truly knew ADPi was a forever home for me because ADPi women cheer you on when you are experiencing the highs of life, but, more importantly, they rush to support you and lift you up when you are fighting the lows of life. I, unfortunately, had an awful roommate situation in the dorms, and, after some things transpired, I knew I couldn’t live in a toxic environment like that anymore. Immediately, I called my big, Sydney, and she told me to pack a bag, move into the sorority house, and that she was on her way to pick me up. Five days later, I was preparing to move out of my dorm and six ADPis came over to help me out (shout out to Kayla, Annia, Paige, Abby D, Quincie, and Grace Shelby!). Even though it was the Saturday before winter finals, they wanted to be there for me and show me that I was truly loved.

You will find a support system like that in ADPi across the years and across the country. We are here for each other no matter what and always live for each other.

Looking back now, I am glad I persevered through the stress and nerves of recruitment. Without that process, I would not have found my second family.

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